Toronto’s premier travelling ski and snowboard club for adults.

The Voyageurs are a travelling ski and snowboard club based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Every winter we offer our members a variety of fully planned weekend trips to resorts in and around Ontario, Quebec, and the north eastern United States. We also organize week-long charter trips where we fly out west or to Europe for a skiing adventure. We’re proud of the fact that this year will be the 61st year of the club’s operation.

The Voyageurs strive to make hitting the slopes from Toronto as simple as possible. We manage every detail of your transportation, lift tickets, and accommodations so you don’t have to. The group rates and discounts make it one of the most affordable ways to ski, and with only a small yearly membership fee the more trips you go on the more you save.

As well as the savings in time, effort, and money, the best thing about the Voyageurs is the people. We are well known for being a small, super-friendly, and active ski club where it’s not only easy to make ski buddies on a trip or at one of our meetings or socials, but you’re sure to run into them again and again developing lasting friendships. Whether a lifelong urbanite who has never tried on ski boots or a displaced Calgarian longing for the easy ride into Banff, let us take the pain of organizing your ski season off your shoulders. All you have to do is catch the bus.

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